Lucy Heart Paw / Nose Print Necklace


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This beautiful heart shaped necklace can be personalised a paw print from your beloved pet.

Available in a choice of Gold or Silver to suit any wardrobe.

All Wild Honeybee gifts are presented in our signature packaging.

  • Necklace Options: Standard curb chain, satellite chain or paperclip chain.
  • Necklace Length Options: 16-18" or 20-22".
  • Option to also engrave on the reverse
  • Durable Stainless Steel / 18k Gold Plated Stainless Steel
  • Non tarnish, hypoallergenic, extra durable, suitable for sensitive skin
  • 18mm x 22mm Pendant

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews

Its a lovely thing but i guess having a dog with a 7 letter name just doesnt fit that well, the engraving is shallow to sp doesnt really stand out. Unless you know what it says its not that legible

Kate Foster

I am super impressed with all the options available- length, colour, chain and font. Plus the option to have writing on the back and gift packaging. The retailer emailed me at different stages of production and really seemed to take care. I received my item fairly quickly (9 days after my order, plus I live out in West Cornwall where it can take longer to reach). It was beautifully packaged with a protective seal over the paw print. The item is very neat and completely gorgeous. Personal service second to none. I love it, and this special item is helping me with the loss of a much loved pet.


What a beautiful necklace, such a good price too.

Debbie Hume

Ordered this in silver with my dogs pawprint. Such a lovely keepsake for my daughter after losing our dog.

Hermione Redshaw
Accurate Print but Barely Engraved

We got two of the silver Lucy Heart Paw Necklace(s) after losing our dog a few weeks ago, using photos of ink paw prints the vet took for us. It was clear as soon as these necklaces arrived that they were her prints, no mistaking, and the two etchings managed to be identical to one another, nothing wonky or misshapen.

If you’re looking for something engraved, as we were, this is not an engraving. We did contact ahead of ordering to ask about the depth and were told it was difficult to photograph due to being shallow. Having it in person, it’s more of an etching that you cannot feel with your thumb or finger and the look of the paw print can be invisible in some lights. It’s not exactly what we were looking for, but it’s something for now, and overall looks okay and has the sentiment.

Another thing that bumped the rating down is the two chains of each necklace were attached different ways. I thought I could cope with the left hand clasp of mine enough for a four star review, but the first time I managed to secure it was a fluke, and I’ve struggled with taking it off and putting it on again since – despite being left-handed. I tried to remove and reverse the chain, but there’s a small heart charm on the very end of the chain that’s preventing me from doing so. So, if you’re thinking of getting the pendant and buying a different chain, be aware that that’s not an easy task without specialist equipment – and if you have a preference of left vs right hand clasp, they don’t seem to have a set style in choosing, just whatever it ends up as.

Tldr: three stars for the sentiment, accuracy, price and quality. Missing two stars for it not being engraved to any depth that allows texture and the chain not being removable despite inconsistent clasp placement.

Please note that our production times are generally between 2-4 working days. This is reflected in the following shipping times. These shipping times are an estimate and may be longer or shorter depending on various factors.

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